The Flowing Collection is going to be unveiled in September at the 30th anniversary show of Maison & Objet’s “Terra Cosmos” in Paris.
These creations with their organic fractal shapes appear with an elegant and dynamic playfulness for distinguished exclusivity and are an extension of The Melting Collection by MANTA.
With fluid biomorphic forms and sinuous lines, these objects blur the boundaries between sculpture and furniture, suggesting an alternative versatile concept of space with a flair of mystery to enhance the essence of life and inspire the connoisseur.
Paying homage to the lasting legacy of submarine volcanoes, they are inspired by the instantaneous cooling of eruptive molten rock under water with forms based on the resulting twists.
Inherent in single blocks of finest Portuguese marble, these exquisite items are expertly carved by Gárgula Gótica with precision to perfection and are finely balanced between lightness and solidity and stand as a manifesto of strength, resilience and aesthetic beauty.
Exclusive limited edition of six unique pieces of each variety!