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We are in love with the idea of giving mother earth’s oldest material an innovative and elegant twist inspired by nature.

Each object is a unique elaborated sculpture, classic and chic, which will give your home a flair of refined mystery and delicate playfulness in every space and occasion.

The beauty of our passionate handicraft is not just to be seen but a tactile experience as well, which will leave you with an emotional sensation… forever!

Melting Collection

Designed for MANTA this highly limited and unique collection impresses with its appearance as flowing magma with drops of cooled lava. Desirable furnitures for the selected taste.

Zé Collection

A collection of small decorative but yet functional pieces made for contemporary needs. Designed for MANTA they are all sculpted from patchwork of stone leftovers.

Flowing Collection

These twisted organic fractal objects will make the solemn occasions with your friends extraordinary and transform your home into a place of serenity. Designed for MANTA.

Stone Gallery

A fine selection of Portuguese marble and limestone. Each object of the limited edition collections can be executed according to customer requirements. For further informations please contact us.
Gárgula Gótica
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